All the charges have been dropped for the people arrested during the raids on Wet’suwet’en territory in February 2020, and we think that everyone still facing charges should have them dropped as well. Shut Down Canada was one of the biggest “national” movements seen in a long time, and protests garnered an incredible amount of support. Even though that moment seems so long ago now, thanks to the 24-hour news cycle and the intentional “forgetting” of resistance movements, people still facing charges aren’t able to forget. And now that have courts have resumed and amping up again, people will be soon going to trial. We think we need public pressure to drop these charges. If you supported the Shut Down Canada movement and the actions these defendants took, then they need your support in defending their actions.

Defendants have sent us the names of who they want their campaign to be addressed to and basic talking points to include, and we have written a basic template letter for you to follow.

Our first email and call in campaign is to support Hamilton defendants! The day of action is March 25th! Please check it out here