Fighting and dealing with criminal charges come with a lot of legal and personal expenses, including lawyers, legal fines, child support, time off work for court dates or to complete volunteer hours, and not to mention supporting imprisoned people with funds. The majority of defendants with criminal charges from Shut Down Canada are still currently dealing with their charges and figuring out legal strategies, so that means that they need financial support to help them pay their lawyers, and for one defendent whose case has already wrapped up, legal fines.

A number of people have sent us GoFundMe links for us to share in hopes that we can help their fundraising efforts. If you are able to provide financial support, please check out these links below. We know that lots of people don’t have the ability to support financially, so if you can’t, check out other ways you can support by connecting with defendants or writing an email for our Drop The Charges campaign, as well as sharing our site and these links on social media.

Tyendinaga GoFundMe:

Vancouver GoFundMe (if link doesnt work, try this one )

Hamilton E-transfer- [email protected]