Dealing with arrests and criminal charges can be an incredibly traumatizing and isolating experience, and being able to have direct support from people can make all the difference. We want to open up a space where people can connect with people facing charges and hopefully make them feel supported by their local and global communities, and maybe make this process a bit less isolating. If we can support each other in the aftermath of actions, through the arrests and criminalization, then we think we will be stronger and more able to do actions again in the future, both as individuals and as communities.

We have established a PO Box for people to send us mail, which we will then forward to the people the cards are intended for. You can send letters, postcards, and zines.

Please send all mail to: Jail Sucks, BOX 57001, Jackson Square, Hamilton ONTARIO, L8P-4W9

For privacy and legal reasons, we won’t be sharing names and will be screening all mail before delivering it to the recipients. Although some groups have seen their charges dropped or legal proceedings finished, we think its still important for those folks to have support in addition to everyone still facing charges. Feel free to write to defendants as groups. Ex. Letter to Vancouver defendants, letter to Hamilton defendants. OR write a single letter to all defendants, and either print multiple copies for the letter or we can photocopy the letter and share it ourselves.